Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed Reality (MR) is the latest development in ‘reality’ technologies and is considered an advanced form of Augmented Reality (AR).  When compared to AR, where virtual objects are merely overlaid, MR anchors digital content and allows users to fully interact with both the virtual and real-world.

Immerse and interact with virtual objects in your natural environment through a mobile device or specialized headsets, such as Google Glass or Microsoft HoloLens.

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The future of entertainment & education!

Mixed Reality (MR) is demonstrating its effectiveness, particularly in the medical and engineering sectors, by allowing unprecedented guided learning with visual interactivity.

Why spend hours falling asleep with your head in a book when MR can easily walk students or technicians through step-by-step immersive visual instructions?

To experience AR and MR, users may use a modern smartphone or with special AR headsets like Google Glass or Microsoft HoloLens. Click the links to learn how Microsoft envisions the future of Mixed Reality and how Skype is using HoloLens.

Infinity XVR is a leader in providing our clients with the latest advances in immersive experiences.  We are both content creators as well as Spark AR Studio, Lens Studio, & Unity Developers of bespoke virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality apps.

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