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Our Story

In 2016, frustrated and tired of the corporate rat race, the co-founders determined there was a better way to live this short life.  So, they left their jobs in search of adventure and harmony with creation.  As technologists, creators of quality designs and thinkers of fresh ideas, Infinity XVR was born.

Over the past several years, the team has traversed the globe in order to capture and deliver only the most cutting-edge and sophisticated immersive content for our clients.¬† This has resulted in hundreds of short films, virtual tours, images, and augmented reality products for some of the world’s most elite luxury lifestyle brands.

Infinity XVR is now proud to bring these same offerings to a wider audience.¬† As Asia‚Äôs most experienced virtual tour and immersive content agency, we have acquired the talent and skills to deliver ‚Äėtier-one‚Äô solutions.

With our network of hundreds of qualified photographers and videographers situated around the world, we are able to respond to your needs, wherever your location.

Traffic & Engagement

Be Hyper-interactive!

All Eyes On You!

Immersive content keeps eyes on your page 5-10 times longer and is more frequently shared.

Consumer Confidence

Gain an emotional connection!

Get Emotional!

Ever said, “It feels just like the movies!”? Consumers feel an emotional affinity to products and locations they’re familiar with.

Enhanced SEO

Content is King!

Level Up!

Brands with immersive content may experience up to 40% more clicks and shares.  The more content with interactive engagement, the better your rankings

Boost Sales

Bottom Line!

Get Money!

Immersive content may experience up to 27% higher conversion rates. Gain that critical emotional connection to boost sales velocity and quantity.

Future-proof your brand - with style!

In the blink of an¬†eye, a brand has either lost or gained a potential client.¬† In today’s hyper-competitive market, being a step ahead is a fiduciary duty.¬† BTW, ‘style’ points count!

As a collective group of innovative and ronin artists, we’re in the same business as you…storytelling!

We invite you to explore our wide-ranging portfolio and join the company of our long-term clientele and friends.  See how our immersive virtual-, augmented-, & mixed-reality, multi-media content, and digital marketing solutions/campaigns help keep you ahead of the game!

Short Films

Virtual Tours

Digital Marketing


Augmented Reality

Mixed Reality

Location Scouting

Ultimate Immersive Content Packages

Infinity XVR has helped take our brand to another level with their immersive content ‚Äď especially their incredible virtual tours. Customers love the interactivity and getting a real feel of being inside our properties. Our conversion rates went through the roof after adding Infinity XVR's virtual tours to our product pages.

Kristian LundEditor in Chief - Powderlife


Contact and tell us what your brand's interests and pain-points are. We will review and help formulate a strategy with bespoke solutions.

Create Amazing Content

Depending on the solution, our clan of global nomads will help you organize and prepare for filming. We then deploy (a) member(s) of our seasoned expeditionary cell to your business, yacht, villa, or aircraft. Upon arrival, we direct, film, and create the extraordinary -- surgical, non-invasive, and quick. Alternatively, our experienced digital marketing and platform developing samurais will study your style and form. We then create solutions that would make any shŇćgun tremble.

Love Your Life

Sit back, relax and pop some bubbly, because your luxury brand just became the talk of the party. Now watch the leads roll in.

Our Choice Core-Features

There are countless reasons why our service is superior, but here are some highlights.

Go Ronin & Follow Us!

*ro-nin¬†(n) / rŇćnen / – (in feudal Japan) a wandering samurai who had no lord or master.

Our team has traversed the globe in search of those perfect shots for both clients and ourselves.  We seek to further serve lifestyle and luxury brands who appreciate the little details that define them.

Just like the ancient ronin samurai, our passion for perfection, independence and beauty are what drives us.

Join us and experience our ‘Art of Storytelling’ at the nexus of traditional & cutting-edge…


We at Infinity XVR are happy to customize our services based on our clients’ needs. If you’re a luxury brand looking to enhance your image and user experience, our proven tactics and strategies are here to serve your overall goals.

As a ’boutique’ agency, we only take on a limited amount of clients in order to ensure they receive personalized attention and dedicated service.

Please feel free to contact us for details and pricing. To keep pace with evolving trends, be sure to subscribe.

If you’re interested in joining a high-tech, expeditionary immersive content team, we‚Äôre always on the lookout for the other ‚Äėalphas‚Äô in the world.¬† If you‚Äôre a self-starting, adventurous, technically savvy, and passionate worker who thinks they have what it takes, please contact us and subscribe.

Though we serve clients around the world, you may frequently find us in the following locations:

Singapore  |  Bali  |  Thailand  |  Penang  |  Cambodia  |  Japan  |  Italy  |  San Francisco  |  Los Angeles  |  Rogue Valley  |  Al Mare